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Herbal Treatment for Poor Memory, Forgetfulness, Increase Brain Power Product

Herbal Treatment for Poor Memory

Brain O Brain capsule is a unique herbal formulation of time-tested and proven herbs and natural nutrients known for their abilities to improve memory functioning and brain power. The herbal ingredients of this capsule enhance memory, promote recovery of brain functions, improve activity of brain cells, inhibit the aging of these cells, strengthen metabolism of brain cells tissue, regulate brain central nervous system, stimulate blood circulation and improve functions of all the organs of the body. This herbal composition is also effective in reducing mental fatigue and helps children to maintain calmness and improve their concentration.

Brain O Brain capsule, an intensively researched herbal treatment for poor memory, is a perfect combination of memory enhancing herbs and nutrients. These herbs increase concentration, mind alertness and learning capabilities and prevent and cure memory loss and forgetfulness. It is ideal brain power product for those who do mental work such as students, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and intellectuals. It can also be effectively taken by people of old age who suffer from poor memory or tend to forget things all of a sudden. This supplement is effective in balancing alertness and calmness of mind.


Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi), Convolvulus pluricaulis (Shankhpushpi), Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Gurhal), Brunella vulgaris (Ustekhadus), Richolepsis claberrima (Brahmdandi), Silver (Chandi Bhasm), Gold (Swarn Bhasm), Sphaeranthus indicus (Gorakhmundi), Bauhinia tomentosa (Kachnar), Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari), Poley germander (Amberved), Rourea santaloides (Vidhara), Orchis mascula Linn. (Salabmisri), Lepidium sativum (Assaloo), Acorus calamus (Vacha), Zizypus vulgaris (Unab), Celastrus paniculatus (Jyotismati), Agati grandiflora (Augustia), Nardostachys jatamansi (Jatamansi), Clitoria ternatea (aparajita)

Brain O Brain Capsule is useful in -

Poor memory and lack of concentration
Forgetfulness and memory loss
Mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion
Stress, depression and anxiety


Take one or two capsules of Brain O Brain two times a day with milk or plain water regularly for 3 to 4 months to increase brain power and memory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any side effect of Brain O Brain capsule?

No. Brain O Brain capsule has no side effects reported till date. It is a non-prescription and non-addictive natural brain enhancer product made of valuable and time-tested herbal ingredients and can be taken with other herbal products or medicines. You can take this herbal treatment for poor memory and forgetfulness for long time without any fear of side effects.

How long I need to take this capsule to increase brain power and memory?

As Brain O Brain capsule is a herbal product, you cannot expect an overnight result. It is recommended to take this herbal treatment for poor memory and forgetfulness consistently for 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory result.

How can I purchase this capsule?

Brain O Brain capsule is presently available only online. It is a high quality herbal treatment for poor memory, forgetfulness and memory loss and can be purchased securely from this website.

Poor Memory Herbal Treatment
100 capsules $40 - Free
200 capsules $70 $10 Free
300 capsules
$90 $30 Free
400 capsules
(Best Save)
$110 $50 Free

Increase Brain Power

Good brain functioning and adequate integrity is a dream goal for each and every person in world. For attaining this goal, body cells need specific inputs as nutrients. Neuro-transmitters play a significant role in the transmission of impulse between brain cells. If nutrients are not produced by brain, there create the need of external supply. Here comes the requirement of herbal memory supplements. According to advanced studies, there are several memory enhancement supplements available for increasing brain function. Bacopa monnieri, convolvulus pluricaulis, gingko biloba, ashwagandha and mucuna pruriens are some among the common herbs added for the preparation of memory enhancement supplements. This blend of herbal ingredients in supplements improves mental function and helps in enhancing the over all well being. It increases alertness and improves the concentration power of person.

At present, there are hundreds of herbal treatment for poor memory promising intelligence and mental performance. Let's find the needs and benefits of having best memory supplements in our diet. Intake of memory enhancement supplements is found to be an effective way to increase brain power, mood, memory and motivation. It makes you more creative and productive in performing daily life activities. Having memory supplements can be considered as a rejuvenator for your health. It relaxes mind and gives you optimistic and youthful thinking. Presence of nutrients and minerals in memory supplements act as a protective shield for neurons in brain. DMEA, carnitine, pantothenic acid, tyrosine and vinpocetine are some main nutrients and vitamins included for the production of health supplements to stimulate brain function.

Consuming best memory supplement promotes the production of red blood cells and enhances brain function in a safe way. Preventing the risks of free radical mechanism is one among the important functions of herbal treatment for poor memory. Presence of antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E in supplements play vital roles here. Reducing the risks of high cholesterol level is an important benefit of consuming memory supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids, one among the classes of good fats are mainly responsible for this protective action. It prevents inflammation of brain and improves memory function. Intake of omega 3 fatty acids, especially fish oil has also shown a protective action against Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Presence of ingredients like shatavari, salabmisri, chandi bhasm, swarn bhasm replenish brain's naturally depleted nutrients and helps in maintaining proper brain function. Herbal treatment for poor memory can be used by anyone, young or old who wish to stay alert in today's world. Brain O Brain capsules, one of the most powerful herbal supplements to increase brain power are designed in such a way that, it relieves stress and stress related fatigue problems. Enhancing blood circulation throughout body, improving oxygen delivery to cells and increasing energy level of person are other highlighting benefits of taking Brain O Brain capsules.

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